Twenty-four children attended our special 3-day Summer Cabinets & Pods event.

Day 1 - we got into the mood for archaeology by digging in the school garden. Luckily we found quite a collection of Greek and Victorian pottery and a few other strange objects. We tried to reassemble the pottery using masking-tape; later some of us used a glue-gun to make the restoration more permanent.

We looked at a slide-show of ancient Egyptian artefacts and then started imagining our own alien civilizations. See sheet of suggestions for discussion here. Each group made notes, drew pictures and panoramas, we kept our worlds secret from all the other groups. Here are some of our pictures:


This underwater world had public transport using sharks with saddles mounted on their backs. 

This is a panorama of a volcanic island world (you will need Quicktime to see it).

Day 2 - we carried on planning our worlds and started making the artefacts that would have remained after the destruction of our civilizations. We mainly used air-drying clay. We also made some paper space-ships following instructions on our computers and competitions in the school hall to see who had made the best ships for flying furthest and landing most accurately.

Day 3 - we painted our artefacts with acrylic paints (still keeping them hidden from the other groups). Then each group took turns to bury their artefacts (after breaking up some of them) ready for another group to dig up. 


After digging up and reassembling the fragments, each group tried to work out what sort of alien civilization would have created such artefacts. After all the groups had done this, we all got together and used the data-projector to show pictures of each world and the artefacts before they were buried - so that we could all discuss our ideas and check how accurate our guesses about the other worlds were.