The 3D model will load automatically if you have the Viscape plug-in installed on your PC, if not see the section below on 'Downloading Viscape'.

When the model has loaded, you will find that you are standing on a cloud looking down on the school. If you move forward you will drop down into the Nursery playground. When you have landed use the controls to tilt your view upwards a little - you will be able to see where you are going more easily!

Try clicking (or dragging) objects in the model - you should be able to play with many of the things in the model (if the click of the balls in the Newton's cradle annoys you - you will find the control panel next to it that will pause the balls and/or switch sound off). If you manage to find a 'secret panel' and click on the mysterious floating globe you will be transported to our 3D Statue Park.

On our school intranet - there are links that take you off to other 3D rooms/worlds (for example to an art gallery displaying children's work, to a bulletin-board for children to post reviews of books and films, etc); at the moment these links are not connected on this internet version.

In case you have trouble viewing the 3D school here are a video and screen-shots of the 3D school and statue-park - VIDEO


You will also need Internet Explorer 4,5,6,7 or 8 or Netscape Navigator 4 or 5 (NB Netscape 6 and Firefox do not appear to work with Viscape). After downloading VISCAPE SVR to a suitable location, double click the icon to install VISCAPE SVR. Netscape users will need to leave their browsers before installing Viscape and restart Netscape after the installation. If Viscape asks if you want to use your graphics card to accelerate the graphics - choose not to (most modern graphics cards will make the software run much too fast to control!).

Download Viscape from our site here


Once you have installed Viscape try:

  a model of the Mary Rose

 drive a virtual submarine