In search of new knowledge


In this role you will explore for new knowledge and ideas.
Explorers have only have a rough idea of what they will find in the area they will be exploring - their curiosity involves finding new things on a grand scale - a new land, a city of gold. Because they are travelling into unknown areas, they have little to guide them - perhaps only sketches, rumours, legends, visions or dreams. They are not afraid to try out lots of new ideas, knowing that many will fail but a few may turn out well -sometimes in ways they could not have expected.

What explorers need:

                 Curiosity - about new knowledge and ideas
                 Boldness - to take a leap into the unknown
                 Determination - to cope with unpredictable hazards
                 Resourcefulness - making the best use of limited supplies
- persuading other people to provide resources and travel with them
                 Serendipity - being able to recognise and make use of accidental and unexpected discoveries

Exporer's role in the project
Think about things that you would really like to find out about. Try brain-storming ideas with your fellow explorers - see which of your wild schemes interest others. Don't worry about too much detail at this stage- if you are going in search of entirely new knowledge, you can't really plan your journey precisely, but do make a rough map of where you want your project to take you. Mistakes are for learning from - remember many explorers end up discovering something rather different from what they set out to find!

Think about the scale of your project map - how big an area are you exploring? For example, if you are interested in bees -do you want to study 'how do bees carry pollen?', 'how do bee-hives work?' or 'how have humans thought & written about bees throughout history?'. Remember you can always re-draw your map at later stages in your project.

What kinds of people are explorers?
Apart from the explorers who mapped out our world, such as Christopher Columbus, there are space-explorers (Astronauts) and idea-explorers, such as Darwin and Einstein, who mapped out whole new areas of ideas for other people to explore in detail.