17th September 2004

New School Council

I am pleased to introduce our newly elected Class Reps who will be representing their classes on the School Council for this coming school year. They are:

Year 1 Otto and Poppy

Year 2 Madeleine and Joey

Year 3 Danny and Molly

Year 4 Leili and Antony

Year 5 Josephine and Oscar

Year 6 Oliver and Kavannagh

Congratulations to all of them, I am looking forward to working with them all to continue to make Middle Street a school where children have a voice.

Toys in School

A reminder that children may bring in only toys that are small enough to fit in their drawers. We do not have Pokemon type cards in school except on Fridays for Golden Time. Anything brought in is the responsibility of the child, please discourage them from having precious, expensive or breakable items in school.


Children must be kept at home for at least 24 hours after they have been sick. We have had quite a lot of sickness at school this week, so please help us to keep it at bay.

Skateboards etc.

There is no room for skateboards or micro scooters in the cloakroom or anywhere else at school, so please don’t let the children bring them in.

Contributions for Trips

The children at this school go on an exciting range of school trips, outings and residential visits. Contributions are voluntary, and we make a suggestion for how much money would cover the cost for each child. If you have difficulty finding the money we can help by arranging for payment in instalments, or by supplementing your part contribution from a small fund that we have. We cannot insist that parents and carers pay, but if we do not receive enough money through voluntary contributions, then trips will have to be cancelled. Please let me know if you wish to discuss this at any time in confidence, we do want to continue offering trips and will always try to help in any way that we can.

Little Canada

The Year 6 children are all looking forward to their residential trip to Little Canada next week.

Year 5 at the Museum

The children had a most enjoyable visit to Brighton Museum this week, looking at the paper sculptures of Philip Cox.


Well done to Georgia Marshall in Year 2 who has been awarded a certificate for swimming 10 metres.


There has been quite a lot of lateness at the start of term, the school is open from 8.45 and register is at 9.00 a.m.

School Gates

Please do not use the Nursery as an entry to the main school, nor must it be used as an exit when the Middle Street gate is closed. Thank you.

Contact Telephone Numbers

Please ensure that the office staff have up to date contact details, including the ‘phone numbers of three people who can be contacted if we can’t get in touch with you.

Labour Party Conference

I have been advised by Brighton and Hove City Council that there will be “zero tolerance” to any parking violations during the week of the Labour Party conference, which begins on Monday 27th September. Also, there may be delays to traffic along the seafront and in Western Road, so please allow extra time to get in during that week.


Currently, we only can only offer Drama for Years 5 and 6 and Art club for Years 1 and 2. If you would like a place for your child on either of these, please send a note to the office. Mr Dyer organises Cabinets and Pods himself, and sends out details of this club separately. We are having problems finding a coach for Football and Infant Sports, but will start these clubs up as soon as we have a coach.

24 Hour Museum

Do have a look at the link for the 24-Hour Museum website on our school website: www.middlestreet.org

There are some reviews of places to visit in Brighton from children at this school.

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