22nd April 2005

Congratulations Mr Brazil!

Mr Brazil completed the London Marathon in under 4 hours. He says he needed a little rest at the end but was fine otherwise. He must have very sturdy knees! Mr Brazil estimates that he will have raised over £1,000 in sponsor money to donate to the charity SADS (Sudden Adult/Arrhythmia Death) if you have signed Mr Brazil’s Sponsor form please bring sponsor money to the office for Mr Brazil to collect.

Class Visits to the New Library

All classes have enjoyed their visits to the wonderful new library. During the visit children were able to take a look round the children’s section, browse through the books, listen to a story and learn how to borrow books.

Children’s Parade

If you have any spare time next week please come along and help make the amazing creations for the parade. Workshops will be taking place in the hall everyday next week from 9.30 a.m.
The children will be making masks at school next week. They can choose to make a bear, monkey or a tiger mask. On the day of the festival parade children should wear brown if they are a bear or monkey and orange if they have chosen to be a tiger. Accompanying adults should also wear brown or orange. Alternatively typical Indian dress could be worn (or, if you are feeling really brave, a loin cloth).

Recycling Ink Cartridges

We have registered with ‘Collect 4 School’ who will pay for and collect all used printer ink cartridges and recycle them. Parents are welcome to bring used cartridges from home for recycling


A child in Year 5 has misplaced his rather expensive glasses. The glasses have a bendy black frame with rectangular lenses. If you come across them please hand them in at the office.

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers

We are collecting these vouchers. If you have any vouchers please pop them in the labelled box near the office.

Year 5 Cake Sale

POSTPONED. The cake sale will take place in the very near future.

Samba Band

The Samba group have an extended session today. The session will end at 4.15.


Nut Allergies please do not send nuts of any sort into school this includes peanut butter. We do have children (and adults in school with nut allergies) and it is not fair to put them at risk.

Dinner Money please remember to send in dinner money for the week on a Monday.

Pyke House payment is due for those children in Year 4 staying at Pyke House in July.


last day for ordering photographs is Monday 25th April.

Polling Day

We will be closed on Thursday 5th May as the school is being used as a polling station.


For one night only prohibition suspended, little gangsters and molls entertained. Friday 20th May 6-8.30 p.m. Further details to follow.

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