22nd October 2010

Football Tournaments

Our boys, girls and mixed teams are playing a number of tournaments at the moment. They play extremely well especially when you consider the lack of space we have for them to practise in. Year 6 boys recently won 3 games out of 5 coming 3rd overall on 20th October and earlier in the month they won against St John the Baptist primary 4 – 1. The girl’s team are playing on the 3rd November.

New Reception Photo in Argus

Our lovely new reception class have been photographed by the Argus newspaper and will appear in the Argus on Monday 1st November.

School Dinners Day

Our visitors from the Brighton and Hove food in schools team who joined us on Tuesday for the day were impressed with the changes to lunchtimes we have made so far. They were able to give us some excellent suggestions on how to improve things further which we will implement. As part of the programme later in the school year parents will be invited in to various activities related to school dinners and packed lunches. So we’ll look forward to that and I’ll let you know when those activities have been planned for when dates have been agreed.

Book Fair

There will be a one day book fair in the school library on Friday November 5th.  

Emergency School Closures

Not that I’m worrying(or am I) but given the harsh weather last year and the change in the weather recently we need to ensure we have up to date mobile numbers for you all. If we have heavy snowfall again this year and we need to close the school we will inform you via our texting service. The decision to close the school as I am sure you are aware is not taken lightly and is based on a number of factors. Please let the school office know if you have changed your number. We will also endeavour to put the information on to our website first thing in the morning of the closure. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and school will not be disrupted.

 On Time Ted Winners

This week’s Key Stage 1 winner is Year 1 with 1 late mark. In Key Stage 2 the winner is Year 5 with 2 late marks. Well done (again) to both classes.

Last week’s winners were in Key Stage 1: Year 1 and in Key Stage 2 Year Well done to both classes.

Prospective Parents Meeting

It’s this time of year when parents and carers begin the process of choosing a school for their child to begin next September in Reception. We hold two meetings for prospective parents one this term and one early on next term. Our meeting dates are 17th November at 9.30 and 12th January at 1.30. The meeting is held in the school library. This information may be of interest to our Nursery parents and carers whose child will be old enough to join a Reception class next year.

Autumn Fun Day

There’s to be an Autumn Fun Day at St Nicholas playground on Thursday 28th October from 1 pm. The park ranger is bringing lots of exciting autumn activities to join in with all for free.

White Night

There will be spooky story telling in St Nicholas churchyard on Saturday 30th October. Good for children early on in the evening but maybe not later when things get really spooky. The spooky tales begin at 6 and end at 9. The event is free. There will be twinkly lights, food and mulled wine. All run by the St Nicholas Green Spaces Association.

High Time for Parents Event

This event will be of interest to parents and carers of children with special needs. It is an opportunity to get an overview of services that support children with disabilities and children with special needs. There will be an information fair, opportunities to chat with different services as well as meet other parents and carers. The event takes place on Friday 19th November from 9.45 to 1 pm and the venue is Hove town hall.

Congratulations to ….

Sophie Board in Year 4 who has achieved her 800 metres swimming award. Well done Sophie!

Harvey Walters in Year 3 who has achieved his level 1 and 2 diving certificate and 100 metres swimming award. Well done Harvey!

Sam Foot in Year 4 who has achieved his 400 metres swimming award. Sam actually swam further but they don’t award 500 metres at his club. Well done Sam!

Half Term Break

We close TODAY for the half term break and return on Tuesday 2nd November.

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