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1st February 2013

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Seagulls and Water – Thursday 7th

Our Albion players will be in next Thursday to work with some classes on healthy living and the importance of water in our lives. The workshops: ‘World of Water’ involve video interviews with Albion players, medics and grounds persons. Children will have the chance to pose with our players (and Gully) for photographs. The project ‘World of Water’ is run by Southern Water and we are to be the launch school for the project.

Year 3 Assembly

Next Friday (8th February) Year 3 will be performing in assembly. Year 3 parent and carers are invited to join us. Assembly begins about 9.10

Smelly Lunchboxes

Oh my goodness those lunchboxes and carrier bags left for days on the lunch box trolleys really do become very pungent and green! Please remind your child to bring their lunchbox home every day. Please could you also ensure that your child has a proper lunchbox rather than using carrier bags or rucksacks? I try and sort through the trolleys each week as does Toby our site manager. I do throw away many mouldy lunchboxes which seems such a waste.

No Keyboard Lesson

There will be no keyboard lesson on Monday 4th February.

Be On Time Please

Children love it when their class wins the on time ted on a Friday. They know when they win the bear that it means the possibility of winning a prize for their class at the end of the term. To win the bear their class has to have the least late marks in the register for that week. Unfortunately some classes struggle to win because one or two families in their class are regularly late for school. If punctuality is not a priority for you then I would like you to reconsider. Being regularly late for school impacts on your child’s learning and friendships and the learning of others. It also means their class has less chance of winning that cuddly on time ted. So please adjust your morning routines and get to school by 8.45 everyday. Here is a thank you from me, the staff and Middle Street children to those of you who are here every day on time. Award yourself a virtual on time ted!

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Years Reception and 2 with 3 late marks each and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 4 with 5 late marks. Well done to all three classes for being punctual.

Small Changes Big Differences

Please see the reverse of the Friday News for a selection of parenting talks and tips on building your child’s confidence and your confidence as a parent.

Congratulations to…

Calum in Year 4 who has been invited by the English Chess Federation to play in the World and European Schools Tournaments in Greece  and Serbia. Sadly Calum is unable to go but how brilliant to have been selected. Well done Calum we are all very impressed!

Spring Half Term Break

We finish for the spring half term break on Friday 15th February and return to school on Monday 25th February.

Easter Break

The last day of term is Thursday 28th March and return to school for the summer term on Monday 15th April.