4th May 2012

Children’s Parade

The children’s parade takes place tomorrow. Do join us but please dress up in a blue and white stripy shirt (or plain blue), jeans and green face please remember to bring your blue hands and paper hats. Our poem is the Jumblies by Edward Lear. So if you don’t know it read it and then everything will fall into place. Our number is 47 and you will find us in Pelham Street car park. The parade starts at 10.30. Thank you everyone who helped prepare for the parade.

May Day Morris Men

The Morris dancers joined us on Tuesday for a dance or two to celebrate May Day. You can watch them dancing on our website.

Fun Day at Woods Mill

Nursery and Reception children enjoyed a day at Woods Mill nature reserve. Despite the rain they had a great time. In fact I think the rain added to the fun as it ensured there was plenty of mud to slither and slide in.

Tea and Cake for Year 2

Year 2 parents and carers joined the year 2 team and children for an afternoon of activities. The aim of the afternoon was to provide the adults with the opportunity to experience the collaborative activities the children take part in during the school day. Also it was a nice opportunity for a chat, a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Thank you so much to all those parents who came along. It was great fun!

Garden Developments

Have you seen our amazing raised beds which are being built in the front playground! We are planning to continue developing the front playground garden. We have been very fortunate to have a very talented and amazing group of volunteers helping with these developments. Mr Daly and Mrs Purdy have been very busy and involved. Thank you Mr Daly and Mrs Purdy your hard work is greatly appreciated. We are however especially grateful to Paley

O’Connor a parent volunteer who led the project. Paley organised a group of helpers via The Food Partnership. They gave up their free time to help build the raised beds. Paley helped source the sleepers and free compost. So thank you everyone for all that you have done and a special Friday News thank you to Paley.

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Year 1 with 1 late mark and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 3 and Year  5 with 3 late marks each. Well done to all three classes for being so exceptionally punctual.

Bikeability Training

Bikeability training is available in the summer holidays. Level 1 training takes place on Monday 23rd July and level 2 Tuesday 24th July at 10.00 am to 12.00am. Children must bring their own bikes and helmets. If you are interested please let Mrs Karlynn Layzell know by the end of June. You may leave a message for her at the office.


Harry in Year 1 has lost his coat. It is a khaki green trespass coat with a fur trim hood. Please inform the office if you find it.

Lily Belle in Year 3 can’t find her violin. It was last seen in the Family room so it’s likely someone has picked it up by mistake. It is in a maroon carry case with black straps. Her named practice sheet should be in the case. Please check at home and return to the office if you find it.

May Day Holiday

School is closed on Monday 7th May for the May Day bank holiday.

Summer Half Term Break

We finish for the summer half term break on Friday 1st June and return to school on Monday 11th June.

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