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13th July 2012

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Summer Fair

It rained but we didn’t care! Thank you to everyone who came along to our summer fair on Saturday. I think it is safe to say that we all had lots of fun. The performers in the talent contest were fabulous with a whole variety of acts. The joint winners of a place on a performing arts summer school run by ‘BStarz’ Academy were Liylah  in year 3,Dolly Roc in Year 2 and Millie in Year 5, Congratulations to Liylah, Dolly Roc and Millie!

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Jo and her trusty team of parents who put on this fabulous event for us and raised well over a £1000 for the school. THANK YOU!

Performing Arts Week

We began the week with the Ceilidh on Tuesday. The Middle Street violinists played for us with Mr Brazil on the guitar, Mrs Layzell called the dances and parents, children and staff danced. We even had a real live Scotsman in a kilt playing the bagpipes for us.

On Thursday morning we enjoyed year 5’s sound makers  performance. Year 5 performed 2 pieces of music which they composed themselves. The second piece is a new Middle Street song which was written by Year 5. In the afternoon we enjoyed performances from the little ones right up to Year 6. Well done to all our superstar children!

Key Stage 1 Mini Olympics

Year 2 joined in with a mini Olympics event at BAHSVIC on Monday. The children were a real credit to the school. Their behaviour and team spirit was exceptional. Ms Busby felt very proud of them all. They took part in a variety of sporting activities. To mark the event the class appeared in the Argus newspaper on Wednesday.

Glee Performance

Glee club members are performing to their parents and the school on Monday morning in assembly at 9.10 am.

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Year 2 with 2 late marks and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 3 with 3 late mark. Well done to both classes for being so punctual.

Last week’s winners were Year 2, and joint years 3 and 4.

This terms winners of the £25 punctuality prize are: in Key Stage 1: Year 1   and in Key Stage 2: Year 3. Well done to all children who have been on time for school every day this term. Congratulations to Year 1 and Year 3 for winning this terms class ‘On Time Ted’ punctuality prize of £25


Children’s end of year reports will arrive home on Monday. If you do not receive yours do let us know.

Please Remember to..

Look through lost property, and take what’s yours, take home all your lunch boxes and put bags and rubbish in the bin, check cloakroom areas for coats and other clothing and take home. Please do this before Thursday and don’t forget PE kits too. PLEASE TAKE EVERYTHING HOME.

New Classes

Children will visit their new class and meet their new teacher and teaching assistant in the morning of Monday 16th July

Open Afternoon

Parents and carers are invited in to school on Wednesday 18th July in the afternoon to look through their child’s work and to join in end of learning journey celebrations

Leavers Assembly

Year 6 leaver’s assembly takes place on Thursday 19th at 1.30. Year 6 parents and carers are invited to watch the children’s performance.

Last Day of Term

On the last day of term Mr Brazil, Ms Garside and Ms Busby will not be in school until the very end of the day. It is unfortunate but we were offered a fantastic training opportunity for them on that day which we couldn’t refuse. They will all arrive back before 3.00 to say goodbye.

Year 6 Leavers Beach Party

All year 6 parents and family members are warmly invited to join year 6 on the beach for a picnic and fun. Please bring snacks and drinks to share and an umbrella. The beach party takes place straight after school next Thursday. If you need any further information please contact Ombaashi’s mum; Joyti on 07428515800

Summer Holidays

We break for the summer holidays on Friday 20th July and return on Thursday 6th September. Nursery will open on Monday 10th September.