10th December 2010

Christmas Shows

I am at a loss for words! Unusual I know. Middle Street children are truly amazing! I am sure like me you were blown away by the fantastic Christmas shows performed yesterday by the very talented Middle Street children. The acting was amazing the singing was stunning the costumes were perfect, the props were fabulous. Well done to everyone and thank you to all the adults who worked hard with the children to put on two wonderful shows. Thank you too to all the parents, carers, family and friends who came along to watch the shows. Your enthusiasm and support is greatly appreciated. I missed someone off the long thank you list yesterday and that was Mrs Walker who kindly transported the piano and instruments. Sorry Mrs Walker and thank you too.


What do I know! I said it wouldn’t snow and it did, worse than last year. So please accept my apologies for the 2 days of school closure last week. Thank goodness it went away as quickly as it arrived. Hopefully that’s it for this year.

Christmas Cards

Children can post their Christmas cards in our special Christmas post box. Our Christmas year 6 post persons will deliver the cards. Please ensure the recipients full name and class/year group is written clearly on the front of the envelope.

Robin and the Big Freeze

Children from years 3 and 4 enjoyed a performance of Robin and the ‘Big Freeze’ at the pavilion theatre today. The children were invited along free of charge by the Education officer at the Dome box office.

Ice Skating Year 6

Year 6 children and brave staff ventured on to the ice today at the Brighton Pavilion for a fun ice skating session. At the end they enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate drink to warm them up.

Year 5 Learning Journey Celebration

Year 5 invited their parents and carers in today to help them celebrate the end of their Learning Journey. 

Christmas Dinner

The school Christmas dinner takes place on Wednesday 15th December.

Christmas and Winter Fair

The PTA group are holding their Winter Celebration Fair on Thursday 16th December from 3.15 – 4.30 in the school hall. Volunteers to help with the fair are always welcome. If you are interested in volunteering to help please speak to a member of office staff.

Dinner Money Debts

PLEASE pay your dinner money debts. The school is owed over £300. If you are having difficulty paying online please let us know and we will help you.

Christmas Holidays

The last day of term is Friday 17th December. Please collect your child at normal finishing time. Children in the main school return to school on Tuesday 4th January

 Nursery returns on Monday 10th January.

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