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Who we are

Middle Street has a governing body of 14 people - five parent governors, two staff governors, three governors representing the Local Authority (Brighton & Hove), three governors representing our local community and the Headteacher Julie Aldous.  Our Clerk is Gill Brill who supports us by working with the Chair of governors to co-ordinate all meetings, take minutes, forward all relevant information from Brighton & Hove Council and also make sure we understand points of law about governing body duties and responsibilities.  

The mix of individuals that make up the governing body is intended to bring a wide range of relevant knowledge and interests to how the school runs in the best interests of all pupils.

Parent governors: Alistair Cato, Alex Currie, Anna Clark, Hannah Jefferies and Terry Stewart
Staff governors: Julie Aldous, Vanessa McGeachin, Dominic Smart
Local Authority governors: Andrew James, Valerie Phillips, Ray Williams
Community governors: Andrea Leahy, Melanie Smith, Ruth Williams
For 2013/14 the Chair is Anna Clark and the Vice-Chair is Alistair Cato.

For photos and short biographies of Governors click here

How we’re elected or appointed

Parent governors are elected by current parents and staff governors are elected by current members of staff. Our community governors are appointed by the rest of the governing body and Local Authority governors are appointed by the Local Authority’s governors’ panel.

Governors normally serve a term of four years, and can then put themselves forward for re-election or re-appointment if they are still eligible.

What we do

As governors we take an active interest in the school and, based on a broad knowledge of how the school works, make collective decisions about the school's aims, values and policies. We're not involved in the day-to-day management; our role is to act as a critical friend to the Headteacher and her management team, offering support and constructive advice. It is also our role to question proposals and ask for further information to allow us to make decisions in the best interests of all Middle Street's pupils.

There are three main strands to our role:

1.    We have a strategic role
We are required to think and act strategically to help raise standards. This means, for example, approving the School Improvement Plan (the document that sets out Middle Street's priorities and targets for the year). We also approve all school policies, achievement targets and the school budget.

2.  We act as a critical friend
We act as critical friends to the Headteacher and staff, looking at the progress that is being made on the School Improvement Plan. Our priority is to ensure that the school is improving in the best interests of pupils. It is our responsibility to recognise where this may not be happening and ensure that we ask the right questions to find out why and help the Headteacher to find solutions.

3.  We ensure accountability
The Headteacher and her staff are accountable to the governing body for the school’s performance.  The governing body must be able to explain decisions and actions to anyone with an interest, and be well-informed about the school and what it stands for and its pupil data. For example, as governors we have a responsibility to explain the aims of the School Improvement Plan to parents and, in the case of an Ofsted inspection, to inspectors. In order to be able to explain the Plan properly we have to ensure we fully understand it ourselves and so the Headteacher is required to explain it to us, and answer any questions we may have. 

Our training

Once elected or appointed, all members of the governing body attend the Local Authority’s induction training.
Throughout the year all of us are expected to undertake training to develop our skills and understanding of our role, and help us to be as effective as possible.
We also meet with governors from across Brighton and Hove, including other City Centre Partnership schools (Carlton Hill, Fairlight, Elm Grove, St Bartholomew's, St Mary Magdalen, St Paul's, St Mark’s, Tarnerland Nursery and Royal Spa Nursery) to discuss strategic priorities that affect us all.

When we meet

We meet as a full governing body at least once a term. We also have a curriculum committee and a committee that looks at resourcing (including the school budget, staffing, school site and buildings and health and safety issues) These committees meet regularly to monitor progress and plan developments in these areas. 

Our meeting dates for 2013/14 are as follows:

26th Sep - Business
5th Nov   - Resources
3rd Dec  - Full Meeting
3rd Feb   – Curriculum
4th Feb   - Resources
20th Mar - Full Meeting
13th May – Resources
15th May - School Improvement/Curriculum
9th Jun - Curriculum
26th Jun - Full Meeting
3rd Jul - Self-evaluation

The work of the curriculum committee in particular involves visits into the school to sit in on classes and other learning activities, as well as talking to staff and pupils. This helps us to get a clear picture of what is happening day to day as vital background to our strategic work

Becoming a governor

There are currently no governor vacancies. The next parent governor elections are due to take place in 2015.

Please check this website for future announcements and more information about parent governor elections.

Contacting the governing body 

If you have a question, suggestion or concern relating to the work of the governing body please get in touch with our Clerk, Gill Brill  -

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