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Minutes of Governor's Meeting Thursday 14th March 2013

Attending: Julie Aldous, Angie Atter, Alastair Cato, Anna Clark (Acting Chair), Vanessa McGeachin, Melanie Smith, Terry Stewart, Ruth Williams.

Katie Jones attended   
(Gill Brill-Clerk)

The meeting was quorate as 8 governors required to attend for the meeting to be quorate - 10 governors attended.

1.   Apologies for Absence

Benita Matofska has tendered her resignation from the governing body as a parent governor, therefore the Clerk will organise an election to replace her. Apologies received and accepted from Andy James, and Ray Williams Andy James is having some time away and will rejoin in September. No apologies received Andrea Leahy.

As the chair was absent, Anna Clark - Vice Chair acted as chair.

2.    Declaration of Interest in an Agenda Item

None declared.

3.    To agree minutes of meetings of 15th November 2012

The minutes were agreed and signed by the Vice-Chair.

4.   Matters Arising

None other than the action points:

Item 5: The curriculum committee visits took place during the week commencing 21stJanuary.

A questionnaire has been sent out to parents on spelling.

Item 11: the training with John Samuels has been booked for Wednesday 27th March.


5.   Committee Reports

Curriculum Committee met on 29th November

           •   Ruth Williams was elected as Chair

•     Visits were planned for week beginning 28th January

The focus for the visit was on Feedback for Learning - expansive education: from year 1 to year 6
the teachers spend time with each child giving them feedback on their learning.

•     Terry Stewart visited Year 3 - he gave a verbal report on his visit. He spent time
with a group finding out about fractions. Terry also asked if the committee could
meet after the individual visit to make one report.

·         Anna Clark visited Year 2 - she gave a verbal report and the class was being
introduced to a new book

·         Ruth Williams visited Year 6 and her report was circulated to all governors

Resource Committee met on 5th February

·         the committee discussed the nursery costs and the clawback of funding from the
budget due to low numbers attending the nursery.

·         All governors need to complete the skills matrix for the SFVS.

·         Outstanding debt for hiring the school hall has been paid.

·         The Pay Policy for 2012/was agreed.

Action: the Clerk asked TS and AC to email their written reports to her. Arrange a meeting with the curriculum members to discuss their visits.
Clerk to send the skills matrix for the SFVS to all governors.

6.    School Improvement Plan

The governors had received a copy of the Autumn and Spring improvement plan and a copy

of the school partnership plan.

Autumn Term- Feedback for learning

Spelling tests and a maths workshop for children and parents had been arranged.

Dominic and Julie had observed 13 lessons during this term and feedback given to the

teachers on what went well and areas for improvement - 8 were good/outstanding and 5

were satisfactory. There has been an improvement shown this term.

Spring Term

Targets - for writers to achieve level 3. Staff from Dorothy Stringer School has trained

some of our staff to teach level 6 in maths.

Lesson study, peer coaching and peer support to develop teaching skills, also funding is

available from the partnership to improve coaching and observation skills.

Becs Davies & Dominic Smart attending a training session with Pie Corbett on grammar.

The governor's training with John Samuels will look at effective teams linked into the new

Ofsted framework.


7.   Head's Report

Julie highlighted various sections of the her report

·         Closing the Gap this was an inset day organised by the Partnership and there were
some excellent workshops for the staff to attend and it was a good opportunity for
staff to network with colleagues from the other partnership schools.

·         ECAR - Every Child a Reader. We have a brilliant teacher and her work is having an
excellent impact on the children she is working with.

·         Julie is attending a conference run by John Hattie on Visible Learning.

·         Four staff are still on maternity leave.

·         Julie is meeting with a representative from the DfE to develop a teaching school
alliance in our partnership and exploring ways to formalise the partnership.


•   Ofsted letter - really good news that Middle Street will not be inspected before Autumn 2014.

8.    Safeguarding Update

The Safeguarding Audit has been updated by Julie and returned to the LA.

9.    Governors Visits

None have taken place other than the Curriculum Committee, but the governors can arrange a visit at any time.

10.  Business Continuity Plan

This was agreed by the full governing body and signed by the Chair.

11.  Correspondence Received by Chair

None received.

12.  Any Other Business


13. Date of next meeting 20th June 2013



·         The governors gained an understanding of how the school is improving the “Quality First Teacher”.

·         Gained an understanding of the priorities and progress of the single school improvement plan.