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Swimming certificate for Alfred William Denman (1908-1967) - 1920. Thanks to his daughter Tina Brittain.


Swimming champions of 1922

A classroom in 1920 from Justin Russell, who would be grateful for any identification of children in this photo.
If you can help please email


A school outing setting off for Arundel in the 1920s.


A selection of cups mainly from the 1920s - the inscriptions read (from left to right) - 

Middle Street Girls School -  House Championship - Swimming 1928 Presented by The Chairman of the Managers Councillor Wilkinson:
   Middle Street School Swimming Championship 1952
   Middle St. Girls School - Swimming - House Team Challenge Cup Presented by A FATHER  1929
   Middle St. Girls School Swimming Championship Presented by Miss R.E.Hastings 1929
   The base is inscribed  – 1923  I.D’Arcy    1924 Q.Holman    1925 Q.Holman    1926 M.Holman   
                                      1927 E.Southon   1928 N.Hughes   1929 C.Gooding

And here is another Swimming Championship cup presented to pupil Maudie Holman in 1926.
Thanks to John Ottaway for donating this cup to the school (it is now in our trophy cabinet).
John is a relative of Maudie and keeps up the swimming tradition as chairman of Brighton Swimming Club.

North Road Swimming Gala - 1926 - photo sent in by Mrs L.C.Simpson (nee Marshall). The cup shown in the
picture above is being held by the Headteacher  - Miss Hastings. Maudie Holman is sitting behind
the shield. The teachers at the back are Miss Stubbs and Miss Dunstan,


Fred Emery's Annual Sports Certificate 1928 (thanks to his son Terry). Read more about Fred Emery here.


List of events at Annual Sports Day 1928.

Middle Street - 1929
Eve Buckland writes in that the
 boy at the extreme right of the front row is probably her father - Alfred Del-Monte.

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