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Infant musicians in 1933 - thanks to Bob Barnes (3rd from right in back row)

School concert c.1935 (thanks to Pat Sprinthall formerly Betty Boston -in the centre of the three huntsmen wearing dark hats in the middle row). In an article in the Argus, some years ago, Pat recollected..."The girl wearing the chef's hat (back left) was Lilian Symons, who went to Vera Garbutt's dancing school. She knew all the routines, so she used to teach the rest of us". Also in the picture are brother and sister John and Jennifer Nicks, who went on to become ice-skating stars.



After finding herself mentioned in the caption for the School Concert above, Lilian Symons (now Wemble) visited us with
many other interesting documents from the late 1930s. Here is a 1937 diary listing Lilian as head-girl, and with
Fats Waller's autograph on the inside cover (Fats Waller was playing at the Hippodrome a few yards from our school).

Here is a piece of embroidery made by Lilian in school around 1939.


Examples of Lilian's hand-writing (age 10) - 1938/9.


Lilian's school report from 1935.


Also from Lilian - maypole dancing (c.1936).

'The Hunt' - a summer show, with (left to right) Renee Barton, Lilian Symons, Jean King (the fox), Betty Boston &  Joyce Terry.


The final photo from Lilian is another school play from the 1930s.


School journey 1936


A school concert c1938 courtesy Mr Laycock whose father Mr F.T.Laycock was caretaker for the school from 1929-1963 (see staff photo from c.1950 below).


'Shopping - Juniors' - from Education Week Handbook 1939.


'Domestic Work - Infants' - from Education Week Handbook 1939.


'Pond Dipping - Juniors' - from Education Week Handbook 1939.

 'The School Camp - Juniors' - from Education Week Handbook 1939.


The Headmaster's Annual Reports from (left to right) - 1934/5 1935/6 and 1938/9 - click to view.


Mrs Rust and evacuees 40-42 Russell Square - September 1939

This is a letter written by David Dodds to his parents after he was evacuated along with the other children from Woodside Infants School, South Croydon to Brighton. He attended Middle Street school as an evacuee for about 9 months. On the right is a picture of David on the seafront in 1940.

You can read some pupil 'memories' from the 1930s and 40s here (see Bob & Pat Wells, Tony Viney and
   John L.Morris)


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