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Middle Street concert 1950 (courtesy Peter Guy)
Left to right - Inger Rosenberg, Peter Guy, 2 unknowns, Jacqueline Stevens, Kathleen Corrigan, Margaret Summers
and kneeling - Kenny Poundberry and Michael Reece


School staff c.1950 (courtesy Peter Guy)
Back row - Mr Laycock (caretaker), unknown, Mrs Dorothy Guy (dinner-lady), Mrs Manton, unknown
Centre row - Mr Law, 3 unknown ladies, Mr Stockbridge
Front row - Mrs Custance, Mrs Boaitt, Mr Parnell (Head), Mrs Cameron, Mrs Bailey

School Play  c.1951 (courtesy Peter Serres)
'John Gilpin's Ride' from the poem by Cowper produced by Mr Bruce Avis. Mobo Bronco horse loaned by Sandra Braithwaite.
Back Row: ?, John Parker, ?
Middle Row: Peter Shiner, Ronnie Summers, Margaret Stoner, Jean Johnson, ?
Front Row: Peter Serres, Paul Lynn, Pam Rolf, Leslie Low, Alan Sugarman, Dorothy Collis (in chair),Bobby Pullen


Read the entire 1952 HMI report (forerunner of OfSTED reports) on the school here

Coronation Day Procession 1953


School from playground - 1954 (Brighton & Hove Gazette)


Children in the Nursery - 1954 (Brighton & Hove Gazette)


Newspaper clipping 1955. School pageant to celebrate school being 150 years old. To read the school log entry on what happened for the 150th anniversary click here

School report for Carol Brown 1955


Also from Carol - A 'Never Absent - Never Late' certificate 1952

...and a swimming certificate.

A note left on Carol's work on an open evening in 1955 by an old pupil who also left her a sixpence.

First of a series of photos sent in by Penny Ludgrove (Baker) - June Vivien and Penny in centre of picture - c.1955.

Children dressed up for the school's 150th anniversary celebrations in 1955, including June Vivien and Penny Baker on the left and Stephanie Goodwin on the right (thanks to Penny Ludgrove). To read the school log entry on what happened for the 150th anniversary click here


 Miss Custance's class c1954? Another photo from Penny who can recall the following names
(some additional names supplied by Gary Webster):

Back row Roger & Michael Serres-Roger Line?-?-?-?-?-?-?-Christopher Purdy
Next - ?-?-Roger Ellis-?-David Agar  -  ? -Ian? - Philip? - Gary Coombs-?
Next-Alma?-Norma Crawford-Jean Wells-Jean?-Penny Baker-Miss Custance-June Vivien-Phyllis?-?-?-?-Christine Francis
Front row -Jean Weller-Elsie Richardson-?-?Rosemary?-?Maureen Quinn-Christine Francis-Maureen Wiltshire


Another photo from Penny. Top right - Christine Pullen. Second row - 3rd from left - Michael Bish?
- 5th from left - Richard Miller. Bottom row-3rd from left - Vanda Horton. Bottom row - far right - Theresa King.


Mr Law's class c.1958 (thanks to Penny Ludgrove).

And the last photo from Penny is a pageant of some kind. June Vivien is the Indian on the right in back row.
Front row - Elsie Richardson - Jean? - Stephanie Goodwin - Penny Baker - Michael?

The first of a selection of photos sent in by Heather West (now Whittingham) who attended Middle Street from 1953-1964.

A nativity scene from Heather.

A sports team from Heather.


And the final photo from Heather - a swimming team.

You can read some pupil 'memories' from the 1950s here  - see Gary Coombs (now Webster), Stewart Candlish,
Graham Riley, Penny Baker and Trudy Wirthmiller (now Sister Mary Agatha).

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