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LOG-BOOK ENTRIES (1869 - 1902)

Headteachers were required to keep a daily log-book of events and incidents. Here is a sample of items recorded in the late 19th century:

12th March 1869
Father of the lad John Arnold called in great anger because I kept his son for idleness. I told him if he objected to any discipline he had better take his son elsewhere, which he said he would do, using very bad language.

November 1869
Rod Shepherd not having paid his school fee during part month told him to ask his mother for the amount. Found that he had given it to him and that he had bought on three occasions purchase 4d worth of fireworks at Mr Chatfields West Street.

19th July 1879
Gave a holiday yesterday (Friday), about 130 lads with the teachers and myself paid a visit to Zoological Gardens, London.

1st August 1879
Punished and expelled Albert Hyder for opening teachers desk and stealing.

3rd October 1879
Frederick Powell has been playing truant over the last 2 weeks and he has frequently done the same, and his influence was bad with the other boys. I sent him home and removed his name from the books.

19th December 1879
Charles Basiden on Tuesday fell through the book case and cut his wrist - thus been in hospital ever since.

29th October 1880
A considerable amount of sickness among the children, several cases of scarlet fever. One little boy, Leason Young, aged 10 died from the fever.

A print showing a lesson at Middle Street School - early nineteenth century.

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