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May 2003 - May 2006

Date:   18.05.2006 at 15:18:41
Name:   Lewis
message contents:   Hello everybody in Middle Street Nursery. This is Lewis. I'm in Berlin now with my mum and brothers. And my dad Paul is visiting us today too! I want to send you an email with some photographs. Could you let me have your email address please? Bye Bye for now. Lewis

Date:   18.05.2006 at 15:23:18
Name:   Tyrell
message contents:   Hello everybody in Year 2. This is Tyrell. I am in Berlin and I am at a German School. It was scary to go there at first. I still feel nervous in the mornings, but then again it's only my second week. I have made some friends and have learnt some German too. Don't forget to visit my blog! I hope to hear from you all soon...and thank you to Curtis for all your emails. Bye for now. Tyrell

Date:   28.04.2006 at 17:40:44
Name:   Sienna + Kizzy
message contents:   WE LOVED THIS SCHOOL SO MUCH AND STILL DO!!! If you are wondering there of great teachers here one of them is Ms Bridge that we have visited!!! The email address is Sienna's. from Sienna + Kizzy

Date:   22.04.2006 at 21:16:06
Name:   ELLISS
message contents:   contact me and tell me how year6 is going!

Date:   14.04.2006 at 18:23:15
Name:   Molly Rose Fish
message contents:   Hello I used to come to this school and I miss all of you so very much! LUck for the future! I hope I see some of your faces at Newman! I am now in yr 7 and miss my friends Chloe louis gill and Stanley in yr6 very much!!

Date:   13.04.2006 at 23:30:41
Name:   Jasmine Singh-Weldon
message contents:   Hiya, you might not remeber me but i went to Middlestreet Nursery in about...1997 :S I think. Me and Hoa are coming to visit you all soon and we are going to see if any of our old teachers there..well...i have gtg the moment i go to dorothy stringer but amd missing middlestreet nursery..made lots of new freinds...hope to see you very soon wid hozieee...loe from Jazz xx

Date:   13.04.2006 at 23:30:30
Name:   .+* Hoa Martin *+.
message contents:   Hiya middlestreet!!!! You might not remember me, but i was the best pupil !! Haha only jokeing !! I really hope to see you all soon, its a shame mrs.Hutchins left :( missing middle street but haveing a freat time at stringer with all my new friend. Hopeing to come visit you soon lots of love Hoa XXX

Date:   05.03.2006 at 13:41:32
Name:   stella mayhew
message contents:   Hi middlestreet! used to come 2 this school.. in yr10 now and it was the best school eva! i remember the old days they were so fun. Hi to all the teachers and pupils xx

Date:   17.02.2006 at 18:07:35
Name:   India Blanch
message contents:   hi everyone at middle street! iused to come here and now am in yr 9! i'd just like to say that middle street is the best school eva!!!

Date:   15.02.2006 at 16:45:21
Name:   Kaye IRWIN (Mr)
message contents:   I have today visited your site, I was a pupil at the school for a short period circa 1942. althogh my recollections (age 3) are few, I do vividly remember making christmas link chains. I must congratulate you an a truly magical site I am sure I shall get much pleasure in revisiting it in the future. PS my father was the landlord of the Golden Fleece in Market Street

Date:   17.01.2006 at 19:30:54
Name:   mrs aldous
message contents:   Hello Mr Dyer,Jem,Charlie,Leili and Stanley, i've just played 'Fling the Teacher. I managed fling the teacher after 3 attempts. It was goodfun and I foundout three things about Middle Street that I didn't know. Thankyou. From Mrs Aldous

Date:   16.01.2006 at 13:51:26
Name:   Ruby
message contents:   hey peeps i jst wnted 2 say d@ dis iz da bst primary skool eva nd dat i miss u all loads luv rubs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date:   03.01.2006 at 11:43:29
Name:   Gabriella
message contents:   I loved middle street it was amazing I loved all the teachers and I always come back to see you all love gabby xxxx P.S I hope to see you all soon

Date:   21.11.2005 at 18:05:34
Name:   Amanda
message contents:   Hi, This is quite bizarre. Last night I had a dream about my time at Middle Street - It was from 1972 to 1976 and remember the old building when the scool canteen was round the corner and the teachers had to escort us to lunch. I also remember the new building whilst it was being build. When I got to work this morning I thought I'd have a look and see if I could find anything on the internet- and obbiously found this. Its great! and has brought back lots of memories. I remember the old school beings quite large, cold and a bit grim, but the new school being much friendlier(and warmer for some reason). Keep up the good work, I think Middle Street was one of the best schools I've been to and I often think fondly of my time there, and the teachers Miss Cordukes and Mr Paul amongst a few of them, and silly things like auditioning for the school choir and recorder practise. Keep up the good work! Amanda Honeybun(previously Amanda Vowden)

Date:   14.11.2005 at 11:27:55
Name:   Marilyn
message contents:   I have a copy of a School Certificate here for a William Henry Bellchambers who attended your School in Middle Street, Brighton in 1873. Are there any old School attendance records left for this School this far back. I am presuming my Great Grandfather Thomas Paine Bellchambers and his sister Noney Maria and older brother George Voltaire Bellchambers may have also attended this School. All migrated to South Australia in the 1800s. How this for history of past students. If anyone knows of past student records I would love to know is I could get a copy or two for family history purposes.

Date:   22.10.2005 at 19:24:31
Name:   Nick Searl
message contents:   I went to Middle Street Primary from 1956 to 1962 does anybody remember me.

Date:   22.10.2005 at 14:31:47
Name:   michael ernst
message contents:   hey, i went to middle street in 2000, and i promised to come and visit but i didnt so i feel a bit guilty. I remember ms fitzjohn shes such a great teacher and ms busby 2. i just wanted to say thanx loads for putting up with cause i know i was a little devil.

Date:   07.09.2005 at 17:23:43
Name:   elliss lewin-turner
message contents:   hey second day @ my new school! Im missing you all lllloooaaadddz!YR6 RULE. PSfelix from mybrothers class is at this school to i didnt know he was leaing toodlez bye

Date:   27.08.2005 at 18:33:47
Name:   leah murnagan
message contents:   hi every one just saying hi.also hi izzy

Date:   31.07.2005 at 12:04:07
Name:   holly
message contents:   hi, i have been to isle of wight in little canada two times and they have been brilliant. i met loads of new people and lovely trainers. did you meet someone called chris and another trainer called bramble or phill. i ahve got to say they are a bit funny. i dont go to your school but i hope you had a good time there.

Date:   26.07.2005 at 22:34:43
Name:   claudia
message contents:   i think this is da best primary school eva i love all of the teachers well most of them i am sad to say good bye but i will come and visit love claudia

Date:   14.07.2005 at 08:43:22
Name:   Ms Knight
message contents:   Hi everyone, I have just been looking at all of the things you have been up to and can't believe how much has gone on in the year that I have been gone. It's good to see you working hard! I am still travelling - currently in Melbourne, Australia - having a fab time. Enjoy your summer break. XXX

Date:   11.05.2005 at 21:25:57
Name:   Hannah Henderson
message contents:   Hi everyone!How are you?E-mail me!Hannahxxxxxx

Date:   25.04.2005 at 15:02:59
Name:   lily brewer
message contents:   hi every one, i left year six in 2001, this is so strange. anyway i thought i'd say how amazind middle street is and hi to all the teachers i had, ms noble, ms hadgkiss, mrs busby, ummm, !!! THANK YOU

Date:   19.04.2005 at 18:08:29
Name:   Camilla Trigwell
message contents:   Hiya everyone how are you? i miss middle street! Longhill is alright and quite fun, i still keep in contact with libby we see each other all the time. Camilla Trigwell xxx biiiii

Date:   17.04.2005 at 16:29:29
Name:   Amy Trigwell
message contents:   Hiya all! i have only just found your website! and i am lookin back on all the memories i had. i hav chose all my options now and it really seems like ages ago that i was in my last year at middle street. lots of love Amy trigwell xxx

Date:   14.04.2005 at 12:55:43
Name:   katherine
message contents:   hey people. i'm working at this nursery for work experience so i'm rele happy that i'll get 2 c ll the teacher and kids again. I herd dat miss huchins is leavin n i cant beliee it. well c u all soon/ lv ya lds. lv katherine xxxxxxxxxx

Date:   05.04.2005 at 12:54:22
Name:   millie chandler
message contents:   hi, i havent around the whole of your website yet, but i saw this and i thought why not. I came here a very long time ago, i am now in year 10 and i left in year 5. i had the best teachers and i here the same headmistress is still there, and miss hadgekiss ( excuse the spelling) hi to you both. miss hadgekiss you may remember me, i have and older sister called Tui, and a younger one called cecily, oh and an older brother called max. i just want to let you know that i miss you, your a great teacher and i was wondering if you still spoke to miss Blanchard my favourite teacher of all time, and if you do tell her that i said hi and i miss you both loads you are and always will be my favourite teachers. miss Hadgekiss if you have time email me i'd love to hear from you, and if you are in contact with miss blanchard tell her i would love to hear from her aswell. love you loads (middle street is the best school) millie chandler

Date:   04.04.2005 at 23:13:18
Name:   Kristy
message contents:   Hello! Everyone in year1,I missed you all so much,can't wait to see you back at school next week!Have a great half term.

Date:   16.03.2005 at 15:46:47

Date:   11.02.2005 at 19:21:47
Name:   wacky
message contents:   so middle streets 200 wwwwooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! can you believe it

Date:   04.02.2005 at 10:13:05
Name:   * katherine *
message contents:   hey evry1 at middle street school! i used 2 go here n it's da best primary skl eva. i jus wanna say hi to all da kids there n all da teachers. Hey Kaydia i red ur mes. Hey Brittnie n my brother is not fit. lol! weel hopefully i'm comin 4 work experience so i'll c u all sn. middle stree is da best!

Date:   01.02.2005 at 20:35:41
Name:   brittnie
message contents:   hi i love your website coz jake stevenson is in your photos he is fit and hi toni xxxxx

Date:   26.12.2004 at 20:42:34
Name:   erin gregory
message contents:   To all of my class especially my best friend jolly I'v missed you all so so much hope you all hade a nice christmas including the teachers please write back to me. p.s I miss you all love erin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date:   05.12.2004 at 06:53:42
Name:   Ms Knight
message contents:   Fantastic to catch up... enjoying myself on a sunny beach in Thailand but missing you all! Keep up the hard work - nearly the holidays now! XXX

Date:   04.12.2004 at 20:36:50
Name:   Hannah
message contents:   Hi to everyone in yr 8.E-mail me!!!

Date:   12.07.2004 at 22:48:37
Name:   kaydia
message contents:   hey hey 2 all da pplz @ middle street i used 2 go there it is the best primary school ever every single person that goes there should be consider themselves lucky you dont get many schools like it middle street is by far the best in brighton and hove when you go there you leave with so many good memories dont reuin your chances there any wayz im goin now dont be too harsh on the teachers they love you really lol (hey Mrs Hutchins, and all the other teachers i know there hope your all well.) kaydia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date:   09.06.2004 at 00:41:34
Name:   catherine
message contents:   ello, i used to go to middle street back in like....1996? its a cool school i have lotsa fond memorys, too bad we all fell outta contact. ms fitzjohn-scott, i bet your still a real funny teacher, miss all the teachers, i enjoyed work experince at the school im still just a big kid lol, i havent grown up yet.

Date:   27.03.2004 at 19:14:34
Name:   femi
message contents:   Hello Everyone, Just stopping around on your website..... by the way mr.D, why did u delete our accounts?................................................... Hi Femi - as soon as we moved all the year groups up at the start of the year, automatically stopped access to your year 7 accounts. Sorry we don't have any control over this! Mr Dyer

Date:   19.03.2004 at 20:22:34
Name:   caligh henty
message contents:   hello!! i love middle street i used to go there and really want to come visit and will do so soon hopefully.hello mr dyer!!! and all the lovely teachers there xxxxxxxxxxx

Date:   26.02.2004 at 18:05:23
Name:   Oscar Sargeant
message contents:   I think it is the best school ever

Date:   30.01.2004 at 10:41:35
Name:   Stewart Candlish
message contents:   I am the Stewart Candlish whose name appears twice on page 3 of the school log-book for 1955, in the description of the 150th Anniversary Celebrations: You can probably also find it in the Punishment Book around the same time. It's just possible that I shall be able to attend the 200th Anniversary Celebrations, and I'd be interested to hear from you. If you want to find out a bit about me now, you can do so at:

Date:   02.12.2003 at 13:46:32
Name:   Sharon
message contents:   A lovely website, a lovely school. Well done Mr Dyer!

Date:   21.11.2003 at 23:31:43
Name:   Suzanna Winsborough
message contents:   Hi! I used to go to Middle St P.S. when I was younger. I notice the Year 5's are doing something to do with "Little Canada" and as I live in the real Canada, I thought I may be able to help.

Date:   22.10.2003 at 12:47:37
Name:   tomas
message contents:   it's the best school ever. (Written by Tomas - nursery)

Date:   21.10.2003 at 10:33:45
Name:   Malcolm Shifrin
message contents:   Hi, I think that your website is a great idea, especially the history of your area. Next to the map of Middle St you ask: Can you find some buildings that have disappeared - the Turkish Baths, the Skating Rink, another school? You will find it very difficult to find a picture of the Turkish bath unless you know a secret: it became a cinema. You can see a photo of what it looked like before it was demolished at:

Date:   20.10.2003 at 18:24:08
Name:   Poppy Yr7
message contents:   hi everyone from yr 6 email me

Date:   23.06.2003 at 20:41:34
Name:   Isabelle Cohen
message contents:   Hello everyone in Year 2 and everyone who knows me. I am having a very good time in Haywards Heath and am very happy in my new school Harlands. I miss my teachers and all my friends especially Sasha, Jolly, Leili,Jasmine, Claire, Louise. I hope you are all having a nice time in Brighton and if you want to email me my email address is: I would love to hear from any of my friends. Lots of Love Isabelle Cohen

Date:   01.06.2003 at 11:23:31
Name:   Poppy Yr6
message contents:   Hello everyone!

Date:   30.04.2003 at 19:38:43
Name:   Amber Mellowship Yr6
message contents:   This website is sooo cool! Mr Dyer thanks for metioning my name on the picture underneath annie! I cant wait to hear the radio plays on see you around at school and stuff.

Date:   12.03.2003 at 15:19:56
Name:   A visitor.
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