Open to any children attending our school. Type your poem about Autumn into the box below, add your name in the small box and click 'Send Poem'; your poem will be emailed to us.

You can write your poem about anything to do with Autumn - leaves, bonfires, fireworks etc. 

Your poem will be displayed on this page and a small prize will be given  for the best poem sent in by the end of  November.  

Type your name in this box:

If you haven't  discovered it already - try dragging parts of the picture at the top around to make your own scene.

Here is a poem by Maya:

Autumn is fun, all though it is glum,
It's nice to look out the window on bonfire night,
But if you have a pet then it might give them a fright!
But it's not very nice when it's cold,
As you probably have been told,
So if you are asking for my rate,
Then I think Autumn's GREAT!

and here is one by Joe:

Autumn is gold
although its cold.
Autumn's my birthday
this year's on Tuesday.
Burning Fawkes
also stabbing him with forks.
Autumn is for fish to take bait
I think its great

and one by Bud:

Hooray! Hooray!
The children all say
Because its Autumn!


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